tax prep planning


Our experienced CPAs and professionals have prepared thousands of complex business and individual income tax returns. You can put our extensive experience to work for you as we review your income tax situation prior to year-end to minimize your tax liability and implement tax-saving strategies while keeping you in compliance with the IRS.

We are available to:

  • Pre-calculate your personal income tax liabilities before year-end to help you avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Offer guidance on business decisions made throughout the year that may affect annual tax liability.
  • Assist with strategies that help you adjust revenue and/or expenses to another year, taking advantage of a lower tax rate.
  • Analyze your books at year-end for overlooked deductions.

Most small businesses are not doing strategic tax planning and so pay unnecessary federal and state taxes which directly affect their budget.

We present effective tax strategies designed to minimize your tax liability, preserve wealth within the letter of the law, and help you achieve your goals—in life and in business. We have extensive professional credentials, training, and experience in tax services.


The tax and regulation landscape is more daunting and more difficult to navigate than ever before. The way has never been harder; the stakes have never been higher.

Fortunately, our trained and experienced tax professionals can help you meet this challenge. From relatively simple individual income tax needs to complex corporate and estate tax projects, Hurst & Hurst CPAs & Advisors can ensure you pay the least amount legally possible. We use the industry’s best tax preparation technology and continually obtain education from the most qualified sources to make sure you come out ahead.


We provide expert tax preparation and compliance services in the following areas:

  • Individual – Proactive analysis throughout the year and rock-solid tax preparation services. This includes all federal and state income tax forms as your specific needs require.
  • Business – Comprehensive support for federal income tax form filing and all state and local jurisdictions. State and local tax compliance include sales and excise tax form filing.
  • Estate – High-level support for both estate accounting and taxation needs. Trustee accounts, estate record keeping, and tax preparation services are all available.
  • Small non-profit – Effective non-profit accounting services are widely needed and rarely delivered. Our non-profit services focus on helping both the management teams and board members gain clearer insight, ask better questions, and more successfully fulfill their mission through better reporting.

The tax professionals at Hurst & Hurst CPAs always deliver the highest level of tax preparation and compliance services based on our core values of simplicity, proactivity, and integrity. We believe in taking no shortcuts and always looking forward.