private wealth management


Seeking, employing and communicating evidence-based investment principles and research are the core of our services to you.

Investing can at times seem overwhelming and daunting. If you examine your own life, you’ll find that it is often the simple things that have proven to be the most successful. Investing is no different. However, it is easy to have your attention drawn to the wrong issues. These wrong issues, the noise, can derail your journey.

Academic studies and history prove that a low-cost, passive investment strategy outperforms the vast majority of active investors. Instead of trying to beat the market, our passive approach succeeds by investing in the market.

Hurst Wealth Advisors, LLC is one of a select group of investment advisors with access to institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, which applies proven academic research to portfolio management. We help our clients create a diverse portfolio across DFA’s broad mix of asset classes.


  • Our job is to help you determine the best way to achieve your financial goals. For some, it may be maximizing return. For others, it may be reducing risk.
  • The most important investment decision you must make is the appropriate balance among the major categories (cash, bonds, stocks).
  • Our investment strategies are based on unbiased long-term research, not Wall Street hype.
  • Most investment vehicles and financial services are too expensive. It is the cost of trying to “beat the market” that causes most investors to fail to achieve market returns.
  • Past performance is of no value in selecting superior performing mutual funds or money managers in the future.
  • Low cost, no-load, “index” and “asset class” mutual funds are the most efficient way to harness market returns.
  • Broad diversification among and within investment categories can increase returns are well as reduce risk.
  • Our service adds value.
  • Developing a plan and then adhering to a long-term disciplined strategy is the most reliable way to achieve long-term goals.