small business advisors

Proactive planning and consistency are the keys to making more money—and keeping more of it. Our ongoing service for our business clients includes regular meetings throughout the year. Each meeting allows the clients to step out of the day-to-day grind and work on their business instead of in it. Each meeting allows us to give the clients the insights they need to meet their long-term goals. We discuss such items as budgeting, cash flow, tax planning, goal setting and review. We keep informed of their status in meeting tax requirements and financial goals.

We believe this is what you as a business owner truly value: an advisor who not only handles the day-to-day tasks promptly but also serves as a sounding board and source of information, an advisor who will help you not only take care of immediate tasks but look to the future. We provide prompt service, but we also provide information and a listening ear. We want you to be able to ask us questions about timing of a hire, a purchase for a business, or anything else you need help with.

Our dedication to our clients includes the basics—from reconciling your bank accounts to providing you with timely financials statements—and the next level of service: insight! You can expect that from us because we expect it from ourselves!