A Meaningful Message for Christmas

A Meaningful Message for Christmas

As Christmas nears (after we get over the shock of how it could possibly be December already) our thoughts naturally turn to feelings of gratitude.

What makes us most grateful about our relationship with you?

We are grateful to have the opportunity to play such an important, ongoing role in your family’s life.When we are able to help you achieve the goals and dreams that are most important to you, we feel rewarded in ways that dollars cannot count.

We are grateful that we are able to advance our own livelihoods doings something we love and care for so much, day in, day out. Nobel Laureate Eugene F. Fama echoed our own thoughts when he commented about his career “I love my work. I have no intention of stopping as long as I’m breathing – and I may even do it after that.”

We are grateful, perhaps above all else, that so many of our clients have welcomed us into their lives, not just their professional advisor and wealth manager, but as their trusted friend.

On the value of friendship, C.S Lewis has written: ”I have no duty to be anyone’s Friend and no man in the world has a duty to be mine. No claims, no shadow of necessity. Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself …it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which gave value to survival.

We are grateful that you have entrusted us with your business and your friendship. We, in turn, value the enduring relationships we have formed with so many of you. Merry Christmas and, as always, please be in touch if there are additional ways we can be of service to you and yours.

Warmest wishes,

Hurst and Hurst, CPAs